Cleaning Your Car : How to Clean a Car Engine

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Cleaning your car engine helps to increase its performance, as well as the way it looks. Make your engine shine brightly with help from a mobile car detailer in this free video.

Expert: Al Savery
Bio: Al Savery is the owner of A1 mobile detailing in Los Angeles, Ca.
Filmmaker: Daniel Brea

Series Description: Keeping your car cleaned and maintained goes a long way in making a good impression and extending your car’s life and value. Keep your car well-cleaned with help from a mobile car detailer in this free video.


  1. Why are all you trolls watching his video then? Haters, didn't you momma teach you that if you don't have something nice to say don't say nothing at all. This video was very educational, thank you very much Mr Al. God bless and happy holidays.

  2. I'm in a life crisis rn lol, I have a 2007 Honda ridge line and I'm trying to clean the engine. Its dusty like any other car, I want to use this method but there's one problem. My dad is a 3x master technition and he is telling me that this is very bad for cars, I really want to do this to my truck but I don't want to ruin the engine, help me!

  3. i wouldn't pressure wash any car under the hood…tbh the best thing to do is get a microfiber towel and some degreaser and do it by hand spray and clean 1 part at a time carefully.

  4. if you have a distributor i wouldn't worry about it, maybe just not spray it directly and let it air dry a little before starting 

  5. Bad tips. Just because you don't have a distribution cap does not mean you don't have to protect the connectors. Getting water on your connectors and metal parts, especially at high pressure, like he does, will only make them rust faster. The best way to take care of your engine, is with a simple cloth. Just wipe the dust away. If you get used in doing this every two weeks or every month, your engine will always look good. If you don't do it, again, nothing wrong with a dusty engine, especially on older cars, it's easier to spot oil stains and spot leaks. 

  6. how about the underneath? do you think its cleaned? its shows cleaned to the top. because imtoo sensitive all dirty in underneath.

  7. Shit. My car's modified up, I can't be spraying shit in the engine bay. Guess I'll wait until summer and do the old fashion scrubbing with a cloth.   

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